Tax professionals can skip 60 minute IRS hold time with new service


Walnut, CA – enQ launches its new service for tax professionals to skip the hold time when calling the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). enQ’s service spans four IRS phone numbers in the IRS’ Practitioner Priority Service. Customers can save up to an hour of waiting on hold per call.

On a daily basis, we see 60 minute peak hold times on the IRS numbers that we serve, says Andrew Valiente, Founder of enQ.

How does enQ work?

  1. Customer calls enQ
  2. EnQ gives its place in line to the customer
  3. Customer talks to a live person

enQ brings innovation and efficiency to the IRS saving tax professionals time and their clients’ money. The service allows them to reach higher performance at their work by skipping hours of waiting a day.

About the new service

enQ charges a monthly subscription fee for its service starting at $49/mo for 300 minutes of call time offering unlimited calls.

About EnQ

EnQ launched its beta version at the beginning of 2015. After a successful test year, enQ expanded its offering to four IRS phone numbers.

We are extremely excited about the launch – tax professionals can get home for dinner early and save their clients billable hours, says Mr Valiente.

To learn more about the new service, please visit