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What our customers say

"Unless you know what it's like to call the IRS 5 times in 3 hours only to be disconnected every time, it's probably hard to appreciate. Now, I can literally call at will, and not worry about the hold time!"

"Connected to live agent without the multi-question automated IRS voice-mail-jail in less than 2 minutes compared to more than 20 minutes calling in directly"

"I got through super quick and the service was really easy to use. I waited less than 30 seconds. I had a busy day and needed transcripts asaps when TDS was down. enQ to the rescue!"

"Recently made a call to Practitioner Priority Service... My hold time was 1 1/2 minutes!!! Total Gamechanger!!! I had gotten used to waits of 1/2 to 1 hour plus!!"