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  • General

  • How does enQ work?

    enQ is already on hold with the customer service call center. When you use our service, you take our spot in the hold queue, and you get to speak to customer service much more quickly than if you'd dialed the call center yourself.

  • Do I need a special phone?

    You can use enQ with any phone that can dial and make calls. However, automatic pin number entry may not work on all phones.

  • How do I use enQ to make a call?

    You'll need to enter your pin number to use enQ. If you call using your mobile phone and are logged into your account, tap the phone number to call. You can also dial the enQ phone number listed on the website and enter your pin number manually. You can also use the contact card you received when you signed up, which will automatically enter your pin number when you call.

  • Will enQ work on my iPad?

    You can sign up for enQ with your iPad, but using the service requires a phone call. If you have a calling app, such as Skype, you can use your iPad to place the call.

  • Does this work for customer service at any company?

    enQ does not currently work with any customer service call center, but we actively expanding our service. If you'd like to recommend a company, please fill out this survey to let us know.

  • How are minutes calculated?

    Minutes are calculated from the time enQ connects you to the IRS line to when you hangup the call. Minutes are rounded down to the nearest tenth of a minute. Note that we have no control over the IRS line and they at times drop calls.

  • How are overage minutes charged?

    Minutes over your plan are calculated at the same rate as your plan. For example, if you are on the $99.97/mo plan for 400 minutes and used 410 minutes, you would be charged $99.97 for the first 400 minutes and an additional $2.49 (calculation $99.97/400*10) for the extra 10 minutes.

  • Do my unused minutes roll-over to next month?

    Yes, enQ rolls over your unused minutes for up to 3 months. The maximum number of minutes that you can accumulate is equal to three times your plan minutes.

  • Privacy

  • Are my calls recorded or monitored?

    enQ does not record or monitor your phone call. We only monitor the initial connection with customer service, and we track when a hang up occurs for billing purposes.

  • Is my data secure?

    Your login credentials and credit card information are stored with carefully selected third party companies who specialize in keeping customer data secure. Your data is encrypted using SSL when it is transmitted.


Other questions or comments? Please contact us at support@callenq.com, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.