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Calls are billed based on the time on the IRS line (bill duration) multiplied by the credits-per-minute rate for that call

Time on the IRS line is elapsed time between:

  1. time that enQ bridged your call to the IRS line and
  2. hangup time.

The billing increment is one second.

The credits-per-minute rate is dynamic and determined by the aggregate supply and demand through the enQ platform. The credits-per-minute rate may vary depending on the department and time of day called.

Supply is defined as the quantity and difficulty in reaching an agent at a particular department at that time of day. Supply is limited as the IRS answers a finite number of calls per day. In addition, reaching an IRS agent can be difficult due to the IRS’ courtesy disconnects and long hold times.

Demand is defined as the number of enQ customers desiring to connect to those agents at that particular department and time of day.

enQ's objective is to charge the lowest credits per minute rate that provides an adequate level of service balancing the supply and demand across all of its customers.

The credits-per-minute rate for a popular IRS department at 7 am EST may be significantly less than the same department at noon. The rate for a low-demand IRS department may be low regardless of the time of the day.


If the call duration is 330 seconds (5.5 minutes) at a rate of 70 credits per minute, the billed fee would be 5.5*70 → 385 credits. This fee excludes taxes. Taxes will be applied on the invoice at the end of the billing cycle.

Credits are purchased at the rate of 1 credit for $0.01.

The base plan of $300/mo will purchase 30k credits/month. Credits have no cash value, but can be used with the enQ service.

If you consume more credits in a month than your plan, you will be billed $0.01 per credit.

Unused credits convert to roll-over credits at each billing cycle.

Rollover credits are valid for 3 months and then expire.

Using rollover credits requires an active subscription.

The maximum number of roll-over credits that you can accumulate is equal to three times your monthly plan credits.

Rollover credits are consumed before plan credits.

Some legacy enQ subscription plans may have overage calling disabled. If all credits are consumed, the account will be throttled and unable to make further calls until the next billing cycle. Overage charges will still be billed on the next invoice. Overage calling can be enabled by upgrading the subscription plan.


The $300/mo for 30k credits/month plan can accumulate up to 90k credits.

Your login credentials and credit card information are stored with carefully selected third party companies who specialize in keeping customer data secure. Your data is encrypted using SSL when it is transmitted.

enQ does not record or monitor your phone call other than metadata that is used for billing purposes. For example, enQ tracks the initial connection and the hang up time.

You can change your PIN by following these instructions:

  1. Go to the account page
  2. Click on the Users tab
  3. Click the "Change PIN" button
  4. Hit "Proceed"

Subaccount PINs can also be managed on the "Users" tab (creating, terminating, changing).

The California Franchise Tax Board Fast Access feature, launched by enQ in its Beta version, operates with certain limitations to ensure optimal performance. These limitations include a set maximum number of calls per day and reduced working hours from 9AM PST to 3PM PST. When the daily call limit is reached, you will hear a message indicating that enQ is currently at capacity.

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