Cutting-edge technology and impressive benefits to a productive and wait-free experience.

Dramatic Reduction in Hold Time

Experience a reduction in hold time by up to 90%. With enQ, tax professionals can connect with IRS agents more rapidly, allowing them to allocate their time more effectively. Think of enQ as an express lane for IRS communication.

Consistent and Predictable Hold Times

The unpredictable nature of IRS hold times can lead to inefficiencies and increased stress levels. enQ provides consistently low hold times, ensuring every interaction is both productive and efficient.

Extended IRS Interaction Hours

Typically, IRS operational hours are fixed according to your local time zone (e.g., 7 am to 7 pm). enQ broadens this window by aligning with all four continental US time zones. This means professionals can interact with the IRS outside their local operating hours, provided the IRS is open in another time zone.

Prevention of IRS Courtesy Disconnects

The IRS, when overwhelmed, may disconnect calls — a practice termed "courtesy disconnects." enQ serves as a buffer against such occurrences, ensuring seamless communication with IRS agents without the risk of premature disconnection.

Immediate Client-Assisted Calls

There are instances when clients require immediate assistance. enQ's framework allows professionals to initiate a call with the IRS while the client is on the line. This facilitates direct consent for accessing tax records and offers immediate insight into the client's tax-related concerns, showcasing the professional's expertise in real-time.

Swift IRS Transcripts

For urgent transcripts without form 8821 or 2848 on file, call the IRS, then fax the form to the agent. They can process it over the phone and give immediate tax account information. enQ expedites the phone call process.

Broad Departmental Access

enQ grants swift access to over 15 specialized IRS departments. Additionally, this service extends to state departments, beginning with the California Franchise Tax Board (CA FTB).