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Talk to an IRS agent quickly without spending hours on hold

EnQ is a private service that offers Fast Access to IRS officers cutting hold times by up to 90%. Instead of calling the IRS directly and listening to endless hold music, you can call the enQ Fast Access numbers and you’ll be connected to an agent 90% faster.

Get 100 minutes for $24.97 to talk to the IRS now

You will be thrilled with how fast enQ’s patented technology can get you to an IRS officer. Watch the explainer video below to understand how it works. Pricing is based on minutes on the IRS line. Complete the form below to start with our special trial offer 100 minutes/60 days for $25 (non-recurring).

How does it work | Explainer video

About EnQ

EnQ has been the gold standard in reaching the IRS for tax professionals since 2017 with over 1000 happy customers. EnQ is now servicing the IRS Practitioner Priority Service, Automated Collection, Automated Underreporter, e-Help Desk, Correspondence Examination, Centralized Lien Line, Identity Verification, and OIC Brookhaven lines. EnQ saves its customers hundreds to thousands of hours of time wasted on hold every day. Consider the graph below of IRS hold time with and without EnQ.

IRS ACS hold time graph
IRS Lien hold time graph


After the trial you can upgrade to one of our subscription plans. Our plans start from $99.97/mo for 400 minutes per month of IRS “talk time”. Talk time starts when enQ delivers you to the IRS line and ends when you hang up the call. An average 20-minute call will cost about $5. There are only so many productive hours in a day. What is your time worth to you? Unused minutes roll over to the next month for up to 3 months. Minutes over your plan are billed per minute at the same rate as our plan, in this case $99.97/400 → 25 cents per minute. Please note that you are eligible to get 2x plan minutes for the first month after the trial.

Andrew Valiente
Founder of enQ
(650) 535-1040