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Fast Access to the IRS

Talk to an IRS agent with up to 90% less hold time.
enQ is a private service that connects tax professionals to IRS agents quickly.
Leverage enQ's right-to-quality-service hybrid technology to avoid spending hours on hold.
This offer is valid for first-time customers only.
Receive 10000 one-time bonus credits by signing up here.

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Credits are used on a per-call basis using the following formula:

Billed Credits = Duration of Call x Credits per Minute

Duration of Call refers to the time on the IRS line, meaning the elapsed time between:

a) time that enQ bridged your call to the IRS line and

b) the hangup time.

The Credits per Minute rate is dynamic and calculated for each call. The rate is based on the supply and demand for that particular department and the time of day. enQ will quote the rate to you at the time of your call. enQ's objective is to charge the lowest credits per minute rate that provides an adequate level of service, balancing the supply and demand across all of its customers.

enQ will quote the rate to you at the time of your call.

For more information, please visit our pricing page.

enQ is a premium service and currently does not offer a trial.

Supported IRS Departments

Practitioner Priority Service, ACS Collections, Underreporter, Correspondence Examination, Identity Verification, e-Help Desk (e-Services), Lien Line, Brookhaven (Holtsville) OIC, Tax Exempt, Business Resolution

We respect your privacy

enQ does not record customer calls. Your login and credit card information is stored off-site on a secure server.