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Cut your IRS hold time by up to 90%

You can now skip the IRS hold time and speak directly with an IRS agent up to 90% faster. EnQ's system works by calling the IRS all day constantly with a steady stream of calls. With a click of a button in the THS software, enQ will immediately call you and connect you to the next available live IRS agent on one of enQ's existing lines. Instead of calling the IRS directly and wasting an hour on hold and maybe get disconnected, you now take enQ's place in line on a call that has already waited on hold. EnQ can cut your IRS hold time by up to 90%. It is like a Disneyland FastPass for Tax Professionals when calling the IRS. Every day, enQ shaves hours of hold time for busy tax professionals just like you.

Andrew Valiente, Founder of enQ

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First, fill out the form above and get your enQ PIN number. Then save your PIN number in the THS software console along with your callback phone number. Click for a callback and enQ will immediately call and connect you to the next live IRS agent. EnQ serves the Practitioner Priority Service Line Individual/Business, the ACS Collections Line Individual/Business, the Automated Underreporter Line Individual, the Correspondence Examination Line Individual, the Centralized Lien Line the e-Help Desk, the Identity Verification, the Brookhaven(Holtsville) Line, SBA and the IRS Tax Exempt Line.

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Talk time starts when enQ delivers you to the IRS line and ends when you hang up the call. There are only so many productive hours in a day. What is your time worth to you?

Enjoy your new found freedom of never having to wait on hold again for the IRS.

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